Saturday, 17 October 2009

quick greek update

We are now in Greece, and have a few bits to report.
we have done a video update, but this net cafe wont let us see our videos when we plug in the cam, only pics.
have yammed a few on here:

am trying to get more on, but takes a long time to upload and time is money in internet cafes and you know we're doing this on a budget...

to give you a quick update in words - we met some lovely english cyclists as soon as we got into greece, spent the night camping with them, and then the next night got caught in a mad violent storm which gave our tent the ultimate test.... and it failed miserably. we got soaked all our stuff in or out the tent was wet. our sleeping bags were big sponges and we both had a couple of hours of sleep each. The next day we both felt a bit ill and I (Mo) was very bunged up.
Luckily we were blessed with sunshine which dried our stuff, so we chilled for that day, and slept the next night in a little brick hut we found on the side of the road which was lovely... and had about 11 hours sleep each.
we then had a big mountain cycle which was great, and enjoyed some sunshine and good greek countryside views.

The weather seems to be holding out, the sun is very strong but you can feel autumn in the air, it has a slight bite, which we are soon escaping from; our latest thoughts are that we will fly from turkey to north india, where we will cycle down the south from top to bottom and maybe even touch on Sri lanka. We will then fly to Kunming, china or somewhere similar and cycle into Laos, Thailand etc as planned.
The reason we are avoiding Iran and Pakistan is that firstly that the Pakistani situation has worsened, which you may be aware of, recent suicide bombings etc and the FCO strongly advises against westerners travelling through it. And another reason is that flights from Iran are more than double that from Turkey, and Iran is gonna be COLD!

Hope all is well from where you are!

Mo & Finn.

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