Saturday, 21 August 2010

Life in Australia.

Hello all it's been a long time since I last posted anything on here but just encase someone might still check up on here I'll give a brief update on what's been going on.
I (Mohan) worked and lived in Australia for 3 months primarily in Byron Bay with my good friend Max who recently moved to Byron from England as an Australian citizen, but also worked in north Queeensland picking pineapples which was a scratchy experience...
We then flew to Asia (Singapore) to meet some of our English friends, and slowly plodded north mostly via bus but also the odd train. I travelled through some of the places I'd cycled through (krabi, johor B, Alor setar etc) which was a bit of an odd feeling, bringing back lots of good memories!
We all made our through Malaysia, Thailand and then Laos where we all went our separate ways. I stayed on, on my own as I fell in love with Laos and got a job in a bar. But got very sick and after a week of being violently ill, I recovered in a tender state and decided to book my flight back to Australia (Max had already flown back).
Now here I am back in Byron Bay with a one year working holiday VISA, the plan at the moment is to move down to Melbourne, and rent a house with two of my friends Max and Tom.
We're now working hard to get the money back up after nearly two months of Asia.
All is well though generally!!! My bike is well serviced and with me here in Byron, operating like a stallion as usual!

Just want to express how much I appreciate everyone's help and generosity for all who contributed in some way to making this cycling trip happen, because there are so many people who helped and who it would not have been possible without, whether it was in the preperation, financial side, mechanical side, and people we met on the way who made our ride a perfect one (showers, accommodation, food, routes advice ETC). We've just had favours thrown at us and it's made me feel the need to give back to the world of lovely people!

Big thank-you to our Sponsors too!

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And lastly a big thank you to The British Red Cross

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Max's car all packed with our stuff ready to leave Byron and head north in search of fruit picking work to fund our already booked one way ticket to Asia holiday

Beautiful afternoon views as we drove north to Queensland from New South Wales

Stuck in the mud! - We got caught in some sloppy grass while looking for a wild campspot
Max trying to get us out by wedging some carpet underneath the muddy wheel

Camping wild on our first stop on the drive after eventually getting out our ditch

Hervy Bay beach!