Thursday, 1 October 2009

Current cycling distance

We have been kindly sponsored and supported by:

Mayo Wynne Baxter
01273 477071
Mayo Wynne Baxter is one of the leading law firms
in the South East with offices throughout Sussex.


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We are obviously trying to raise as much money as possible for the Red Cross, and the default sponsorship donation goes 50/50 for the Red Cross and towards the costs of the trip (Visas, Food, Internet Cafes, Maps etc). We are budgeting as much as possible but it is still difficult to keep the costs down because we cannot control the majority of our spending which is not on food or any other variable but on things like VISAS (It costs £95 for Iranian VISA alone) and maps and unexpected repairs such as my front pannier rack which has given way. Any excess sponsorship cost covering money will go to the Red Cross once we have finished the trip if there is any too.
If you would still like to sponsor us you can by:

Emailing me the amount you have sponsored us, your name, and the amount you want to go to the Red Cross and amount you want to put towards covering the costs of the trip, if any.
The bank account I have set up for the sponsorship money is:

Mr Mohan Everett
account no: 72433983
sort code: 07 00 30

You can pay money into that bank account via phone banking, online banking, cash (in bank) or by cheque.
I'm set up with online banking and will be basing my budgets and checking balance/transferring money with it throughout the whole trip, whenever I'm near a computer.

You can also pay via Paypal to:


Blog update:
Just a quick update with some data from the cycle computer.

We bought it in Vesoul in France (right next to switzerland), so have also worked out our cycling distance with google maps from dieppe to vesoul, so will have a total distance.

Distance we worked out from our route from dieppe to Vesoul with google maps - 717km

Distance we have cycled since Vesoul to Rimini where we are now from cycle computer - 1,411km

Therefore current total distance to date - 2,128km

average cycling speed since Vesoul - 21.82km per hour

top speed 83.4 km per hour

All 4 of our legs are fully rested now and dont ache for the first time in 28 days!
Our parcel which we are waiting for at the hostel still hasnt arrived so our parents have paid for another night here which we cant complain about! Check out time is 11am tomorrow, so hopefully it will arrive before then!
we are digging in to some cheap pizza from the local supermarket using the hostels OVEN. madness all these luxuries!
We have had an amazing day resting, lying in the sun on the beach showering frequently etc!
its amazing! We spent the late morning /afternoon on the beach chilling, and then spent the rest of the day doing a bit more planning for the next leg of our trip - Greece and Turkey.
We will be getting the ferry from Brindisi, a port at the south east of Italy. And the cycle down there looks promising on all fronts.
The ferry will take us to Igoumenitsa. Which is a port on the west coast of Greece. Its a small 100ish mile dip across.

We have checked some data for Iran too, on the weather average weather conditions for when we reckon we are going to get there and it does not look nice at all! Finn will definately need to invest in a new sleeping bag if he is getting cold sleeping in Italy at night! He got bonus points by ripping it too!
Iran is forecasted to be about 10 degrees in the day, and 2 degrees at night! its gonna be tough!
Another thing is that its bloody massive! Its going to be about 3,000 miles not KM! MILES! from where we enter it and leave it. So it may be a bit tough, but Im sure the country has some beauty to inspire us a bit to keep us powering on.
From then on we have Pakistan which is where things start heating up, and India is out the question for too cold. I will be wishing for Finns sleeping bag at this point if he still has it!
We will experience hot humid conditions, which will keep all our clothes and tent nice and mouldy. Happy days.

We have also spent some of our free time re doing our budget which made us groan, but what can you do! We are operating on as little funds as possible! We will see how it goes!

Hope all is well and the sun is shining where ever you readers are!

ps Am in the process of sorting pics on Photobucket. Which is a website which allows you to store and share high quality photos and videos, so will put a link from here to the public account once we have stuck all our stuff on there, which will mean captioned pics, videos etc and therefore hopefully slightly clearer viewing for you guys! These free hostel pcs are free for a reason... They operate on approx 1 pic a minute for upload speed which isnt popular when you have a queue of people waiting to use the pcs!
-Sorry for disorganised pics/videos etc on this blog at the mo, will hopefully clear it once we have the photobucket running and we can just put a couple of pics on here and majority on that.

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