Monday, 18 January 2010

A few pics and the end of Goa.

We are now in Chennai. It's a big crowded city, parallel to Goa but on the east coast instead of west.
We met my (Mohan) sister in Goa who is going to stick with us for the boat trips from here to the Andaman islands and finally to Thailand when she will fly off, and we will cycle on.
We got an internal flight from Goa to Chennai which costed us 50 quid. The next boat from Chennai to the islands is on the 22nd and we have been spending our time here getting our Thai visas (which we collect tomorrow) and getting our tickets for the boat which is a lot harder than it sounds here.
The boat takes 3 days to get to Port blair (the major town of the Andaman islands), and we've been told it's going to be pretty grimey. And of course we got the lowest class. Good times.

The plan from there is to enjoy the islands for a little, maybe try and hire a bike for Myvany (my sister) and go on a little mission around the small islands and then we're going to try and hitch a ride on a cargo ship or something similar to take us to Thailand, because there are no public boats which go from the islands to Thailand. We're not just doing this blindly - we've heard of people who have managed to do this in the past, so fingers crossed.

Here are a few pictures, as we havent put any up for quite a while!

Bengal tiger!

Some nice locals we met when we were pitching our tent next to the below pic.

This was the next morning after camping, there was morning mist on the river and a beautiful sunrise!

A road safety sign on the road from Mumbai to Goa which made us laugh.
Very true though.

The 3 lads at the beach in Goa!

Anjuna beach, Goa.

Palolem beach, south Goa.

Palolem sea. View from a little wooden boat we were on which took us to a local mini island.

Anyway, all is well generally! We will update again when we get to the islands and fill you in on the gory details of the boat trip.