Thursday, 10 September 2009



hi everyone.
we are now just by the Swiss border in france.
So far everything has been AMAZING so good!
we havent been rushing too much, just enjoying everything.
So many mad things have happend and we have met so many sound people.
We have had two showers so far haha, first one was from a lovely woman who invited us into her flat to wash after she smelt us haha. Nah we started talking and she thought we might appreciate it, which we did.
And my front pannier rack bent when i came off a curb and me and finn were thinking what to do while cooking lentils and sasuage when a farmer pulled over in his tractor, i thought he was going to kick us off his land but he asked if we were lost or needed help. we explained what happend and he ended up inviting us back to his to fix it and feed and shozer us! we did and he sorted the bike! and then we had a top shower each and fed us a 3 course meal with his family who were all legends! we couldnt speak to them much though, we could speak to him in german cos it was the only language we could both half speak (me finn and him).
we had some top food and local wine then camped in his garden with his tent so ours didnt get wet from the dew in the morning! Absolute diamond what more can i say!

everything is going well and we cant wait to go through switzerland italy now!

i have attached some pics too! hope ur all well! miss u all!


topdeck said...

Nice story so far, keep going lads, there's plenty more good people out there waiting to meet you. :)

topdeck said...

Ps. topdeck aka Rob MacDonald.

navigationexpert said...

Great pics - lets have some more of Mohan. Any luck with emails Finn? Glad to see you're eating lots of beans and lentils. Delighted to see a pic of Finn cleaning his teeth.
So many people wish you well. You're emblazoned all over the Rodmell village website Even the guys I spoke to this morning from 3 and orange got excited about your trip.
Lots and lots of love from the Navigation Expert xxx

Meera said...

Excellent news!
We're all thinking of you and miss you already.
Enjoy your meal!
Lots of love X

Udita said...

So good to hear from you such excellent news! So many people are thinking of you! Good luck with going up and down the Alps! Your food looks intriguing! Hope you have enough to eat!
Lots of love

Hannah said...

Hi Mohan and Finn,
Thought you'd like to know that your story has taken everyone here and it's gone on the homepage of including the link to your blog.
Good luck!
Hannah x

dom feain said...

Hey guys,

Here's the article, published today pg.6

Sorry it took so long, had some big stories distracting me.



Dominic Feain
The Northern Star
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