Saturday, 1 August 2009


Hello people,

This is a blog which will be updated with new info and pictures of the progress of our cycling trip to Australia. We are leaving on the 3rd of September 2009, aiming for around 9 months to get to Aus.
We will be budgeting as much as possible, sleeping in our tent by night and living off mainly soaked beans and cooked grains, with a bit of veg etc where possible.

We will start by getting the ferry from Newhaven, England, to Dieppe, France, and cycling through Switzerland, down Italy. From the bottom of Italy (Lecce), we will get the ferry to Greece, where we will cycle up through northern Greece into Istanbul, Turkey. We will cycle along the north coast of Turkey, heading east, where we will get to Iran. we might cycle through Iran and Pakistan, but it's a bit up in the air at the mo because of the military conflict in those countries. We might get a bus through them or something! We will see. From Pakistan we will head to Lhasa in China, and head towards the northern border of Laos, where we will head south down Laos into Thailand. From Thailand we will cycle down Malaysia, getting the ferry from the Malaysian islands as close to Australia as possible and eventually get a boat to Darwin, Australia. Where we will cycle to the eastern Australia coastal town of Byron Bay.

This is only a provisional route, it's just a guideline for now, because we might change our minds as we go on what exact route we want to take - See how we feel!
We plan to complete the trip in around 9 months.

We've been raising sponsorship money for this trip which mainly is going towards the British Red Cross, and some (from the people who wanted to) have donated some money towards the costs of the trip.

If you have not sponsored us and want to, you still can!
Email me at or
Or phone me on 07717481041 but only if it's before the 3rd of Sept.
You can still sponsor us after we've left, just email me the amount you have sponsored us, your name, and the amount you want to go to the Red Cross and amount you want to put towards covering the costs of the trip, if any.
The bank account I have set up for the sponsor money is:

Mr Mohan Everett
account no: 72433983
sort code: 07 00 30

You can pay money into that bank account via phone banking, online banking, cash (in bank) or by cheque.
I'm set up with online banking and will be basing my budgets and checking balance/transferring money with it throughout the whole trip, whenever I'm near a computer.

You can also pay via Paypal to:

We've got a mailing list set up so if you want to be added to it, just email me at and say the email address(s) that you want to be added.
We'll send emails out when we update our blog and are in local papers etc.
check this blog for updates on our travels and pics.

We have been kindly sponsored and supported by:

Mayo Wynne Baxter
01273 477071
Mayo Wynne Baxter is one of the leading law firms in the South East with offices throughout Sussex.


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Libby Davy said...

Hey guys this is awesome. I'm sending a link to your blog to other adventurous spirits I know. Good luck and have fun. It's going to totally change your lives hey - and you will remember it FOREVER!!

Bestest - Libby (an Australian living in Brighton)

Nigel said...

I'm ok cycling to work and the odd 20 miles but several thousand is amazing. Have a fantastic time. Nigel a friend of Catherine.

Marilla said...

Woah - Finn - amazing! I will definitely sponsor you through PayPal. So proud of you, mate!

Love from Rill xxx

Xian said...

Hay Finn & Mohan
I've got Terre a Terre on board sponsering - now I'm working on Glyn Evans at GeoEnvironmental!
Will let you know how it goes.
Uncle Xian xx

Dominique said...

Hi we met you at Senlis, France, I had a flat tyre, and you were heading to Chateau Thierry...
we wish you again a wonderful trip, we will be posted by your blog!

Your worldtrip by bike is s,such a great idea, keep on..
Barbara and dominique from Paris, France

Tabitha said...

This is a completely amazing idea. You are on your way how far have you got? This is and will be inspirational to you and all of us who follow you.
I am getting on my bike
Best wishes
Tabitha (Gossypium)

dom feain said...

Hey Guys, I'm a journalist from The Northern Star (northern NSW, Australia - includes Byron Bay). We'd love to do a story on you and maybe raise some interest in your fundraiser and blog from this end.
My email is or alternatively I could phone you if you're carrying mobile phones.

Cheers and good luck,


goetz said...

Hi Mohan,

all our best wishes to you and your friend for your journey
from the german part of your family !

We are with you by internet !

Götz und Angelika from Coburg