Tuesday, 16 March 2010

bangkok to krabi thailand so far

our view from the jungle hut we stayed in by the lake.

our first snake in thailand

mohan overtaking an elephant.
the view of the jungle from the top of a nasty hill.

cycling past a beach near chumpon
morning time as the sun clears the mist.

us with the children at yaowawit school

We have made it to Krabi a nice town in southern thailand. The cycling has been at times a real struggle because of the heat. We recently found out why its been sooo hot.... its summer in thailand! Therefore weve been adopting new tactics such as getting up really early, cycling all morning until around 12.30pm when it gets to about 38degrees!!! Then sitting in the shade and eating until 3.30 when it starts to cool down. Then cycling until around 6.30 when it gets dark. With this new strategy we have been managing to cover around 120 kilometres a day. Weve had a few amazing nights in random places in the jungle such as last night, where we ended up in Yaowawit school of hospitality in kapong. It is an amazing place, a school for orphaned children who are educated there, european football coaches go there to teach the children and all the staff are volunteers. It was incredible as we were just about to camp when we decided to check out the strange sign for a lodge, an hour later we were in a luxury room, and were meeting loads of orphaned children. Its a non profit organisation and all the profit goes to the children at the school. Their website is www.yaowawit.com , they have an amazing hotel and restuarant in the centre of the school, i recommend it to anyone, and the jungle views are amazing. We were very unenthusiastic when we left them this morning but after a hard mountainous cycle weve made it to krabi. The thai roads are perfect so far not a pot hole in sight, weve been flying along, if it wasnt for the heat we would probably be in singapore already. We are heading towards the border now not far to go!!!!

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