Tuesday, 29 December 2009


We made it to Goa around 2 weeks ago, and have spent time off our bikes, enjoying the beaches, meeting new people and relaxing.
Our plan is to stay here until after new years, and then head for Chennai, on the east coast to get the boat to the Andaman islands around the 5th of Jan. From there we will get our Thai visa's, get the boat to the islands, and try and hitch a ride to Thailand.
There are no public boats which go from the islands to Thailand, but a lot of regular cargo goods ships etc. We met a cycle tourer in Istanbul who's friend had done this ok, by just throwing the people a few hundred rupees so we will see.
Goa is not really like India, it's more a western county plodded in India. Everything is different, there's LOADS of tourists maybe around half the people within Goa aren't Indian. We've been enjoying being able to talk to people, as 99% of the people here can speak English, which is a huge change from all the countries we've spent the last 4 months in.
Apart from that, not much to report, we've got some decent pictures, which we'll be uploading on here in a couple of days when we come to the netcaf with our cameras.

Heard about the snow in the UK. Seems mad to think that it could be snowing somewhere.. we spent xmas day lying on the beach which felt a bit weird, but no complaints!

Happy Christmas people!


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thomas petit said...

Happy new years , and well done for making to Goa for new year.